Andrew Liberty
Real Estate Specialist

Andrew Liberty would say that his time in both military service and commercial real estate might fool you. Because what he possesses is a caring and compassionate sensibility that makes him perfect for residential real estate. But you can’t let his big heart fool you. He is business savvy and has a mind like a calculator. Juxtapose that with being an artist, animal lover, passionate activist, skilled Realtor, and loving husband - you’ll find that Andrew brings out the best in everyone around him. And, he’s not afraid of the tough questions - he might ask “What did you think of my performance on that show last week”?

RED Integrity

Andrew supports RED clientele with respect and honesty; listening carefully to client needs and goals to guide you towards the home of your dreams. He knows it is about the client not the transaction.

RED Educates Buyers

Steadfastly catering to all lifestyles without compromising service or reliability, Andrew understands that explaining the process saves RED clients their time and money. Buying a home should be fun and rewarding – and it can be when partnered with the right, dedicated real estate specialist.

RED Closes the Deal

A Certified negotiator, Andrew possesses the necessary creativity and skill to reach an agreement in just about any real estate situation. Confidently rely on RED to identify the required strategies to put forth a strong offer with competitive terms and deadlines to open the door to your new home.

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