Buyers Resources

In it to win It!

Buying a home isn’t easy – even if you know what you’re doing. We put our expertise to work for you using these essential practices.

Consultation – Before we ever send you a listing to review or put a foot in a home for showing, we do something amazing – we spend time listening to you. Our buyer consultation is the first step in helping to secure a home that makes sense for you, your family, your lifestyle and your financial plan. This informative conversation begins and ends with you – helping to clarify and crystallize a vision of your next home and allow us to focus on only those properties that could actually meet your needs. Time spent in the beginning saves time in the end. We focus on properties that fit your dream. RED has the heart of a teacher and we know that educated buyers have less anxiety, smoother transactions, and are more satisfied with their outcomes. That’s why we take the time to make sure you understand the buying process, including how you are protected in the deal, what to anticipate, and how to actually close in the most advantageous way.

Financial Resources – The lenders we refer have proven themselves to be great partners for our clients. They pride themselves on being communicators and creative professionals who know how to get the job done. For those who are independent contractors, like so many of us in LA, establishing proof of income and overcoming financial hurdles can be challenging. Our preferred lenders are expert in helping buyers to prepare for an eventual purchase and to close when they find the right home.

Certified Negotiators – We train to do our jobs well. Negotiation is a skill and one we value highly. All RED Realtors study the fundamentals of top notch negotiating and actively hone those skills in the real world. The proof is in our record – Top Sales Team among over 350 agents at Keller Williams Larchmont. Day after day and year after year, RED helps our clients succeed in selling or securing a home.

Relationships – We value the positive relationships we maintain with other Realtors throughout Los Angeles. Known as “good guys in the business,” other Realtors know our record of integrity, problem solving, and getting the job done. And they like to work with us. How does that translate into better outcomes for you? Think about it this way – in a market of multiple offers where there are often similar offers from multiple agents, who is the listing agent going to recommend to his sellers: an offer with an agent they don’t know or don’t like; or an offer with an agent they respect and know will help close the deal? Time and time again, agents tell us they chose our buyers because of our positivity and professionalism. We can put that to work for you. Who says winning isn’t everything?