Testimonial 13

The RED team is incredible. We had the opportunity to work with Andrew Liberty, our agent, and Shawn Marchetti (client care manager) and let me tell you they have GREAT communication within their team thus making the whole purchasing process for us much faster and easier. They respond promptly and if you ask them a question and they don’t know, they make sure to ask in order to give you the right answer. Another thing we liked about them is that they tend to follow their schedule and this helps the ESCROW process go smoothly. Another thing I would like to add is that Andrew our agent did a great job in negotiating and getting us the best price for the property, very thankful for that. We did have a lot of paperwork to e-sign and many questions to ask, but all were answered in a kind and professional manner. For all these reasons we highly recommend the RED TEAM! Our house closed in less then 30 days and this was because of their great professionalism and great communication skills within them and their team. THANK YOU!

— onestoprefrigeration